Friday, November 25, 2011

Tapeless Wrapping....yes it is possible.

Today I learned the most amazing skill. I can now say that I can wrap gifts without having to use tape, and it looks even better than traditional wrapping. It is done through a series of folds and tucks and is amazing. Here is a little snippet of how its done.

And voila! You insert a card in the pocket. Really cute. Everyone said that this was the most difficult style, but I thought it was the easiest. I will never use tape again!! haha

I finished a little bit earlier, so here is a sneak peak of the classroom that we use.

Next we practiced using single sided ribbon to make bows. I have mad bow making skills now...well kind of.

Finally it was furoshiki time! I love, love, love this part of class. We learned how to make wine bottles more presentable for either dinner parties or for gift giving.

Wine bottle before:

Wine bottle after:

Rather elegant don't you think? Now I just need someone to invite me over so I can gift some beautiful wine.


  1. Nice! U gotta teach me sometime soon,eh?
    Wine bottle wrapping looks difficult...

  2. I love this post! I have enjoyed oragami for several years now but I'd never thought of putting it to practical use like this. I'm going to try this with my Christmas presents this year. :)

  3. Very cool! What is the Japanese term for this kind of wrapping? I'd love to try and find a "how to" video online.